Let’s start somewhere here.

This is the post excerpt.


This is my first post. Far from glamorous.

I have just started to navigate my way to the world of sharing. Sharing is caring, says some of my kids’ books. The truth is, in this world of forever sharing on social media, the caring bit on the sharing gets overlooked and often disappears. But that topic will be discussed in my “privacy issues on social media” page. Then there is the ownership of your genuine creativity. It turned out, what’s mine is not always mine in Social Media. Yes, i’ll include the issue off ‘C circle’ too in “Copyright and Social Media” .

I plan to include other topics too. For my indulgence, of course :)☺︎

Books, gardens, libraries, histories, travel stories, science, medical muses, detectives and few more are on my head to include here. Many might be boring, some exciting, some sad and some are just whatever. The last word seems to be the most uttered vocabulary in my ever dynamic household with 5 kids ranging from the inquisitive 6 years old to the ‘know everything therefore hire me’ teenagers. Yes, quietness is a rare thing in our far from static, lifeless or even dull, house. We’re not that far from Werribee Zoo, literally. (the fact is it’s only 10 minutes away from our street. LOL !)

I’ll add more stuff by start a new post maybe later after I feed my zoo. You’ll probably know it soon enough. For now, I’ve included some amateurish snaps of Melbourne. Yes, these are from St Kilda in Summer 2017. Not bad, right?  I had to do something more with my under-utilised Iphone, you know. I’m extremely catching up. Being a snail, that takes a lot of energy.


Simple colours. Simple stillness. A little bliss.


What were these people staring at, you asked?    No, they weren’t looking at the luxurious yachts when the sun was going down. Not even squinting their eyes on to the other side of the city. It was the tiny little penguins who took their attention. These little fellows have been calling St Kilda home for thousands of years. The yachts, traffic and people around the beach don’t seem to bother them. This is where they have fun. Dig some burrows, venture out to sea, for food and whatever business it is they do, before the sun rises, and back again here right after the sun sets. Simple life. And, thank God, the humans respect them!


There they are! Rest assure that no flash was used and they were well away from us humans’ reach. And, some cool people do go out of their way in order to volunteer and make sure they are protected.


These two kids are oblivious to the busy and very noisy surroundings. In fact, this shot is misleading. It looks still, right? The truth is, behind me, as I was fidgeting about with my Iphone, was extremely noisy with people chilling out in bars, clubs and restaurants. And no, I wasn’t interested in including the background sounds here.