Copyright and Social Media

How important is copyright in Social Media? You’ve written, drawn, built and made very creative stuff but is your intellectual property is really yours after you post it and show it off to the world? This page is for you.


How important is copyright in Social Media? You’ve written, drawn, built and made very  creative stuff but is the fruit of your “intellectual property” really yours still after you post it and show it off to the world? If you’re not sure like I was, then this page is for you. 

In my other page I discussed how important it is to safeguard our privacy in this world, full of webs. The ‘spiders’ are too smart in stealing it and my protection gets out of dated very quickly. In this page arachnophobic people are safe, for a few second. No spiders. Just yet. Yeah, I’m sure they’re creeping in right now. The spiders are stealing away our privacy and maybe they’re stealing away our copyright, too.

Frankly, my lever of concern is low regarding the big fat © symbol (‘fat’, really?!) since, personally, I have very little to protect in the world of intellectuality.  I didn’t even know how to enlarge that © symbol. It’s a struggle to read my solicitors’ invoices, let alone anything on writing a book, a song lyric (Hey! I do have plenty of non-sensical songs for my kids! ), a music tune, an architectural 4D drawing (huh?!) or a logo construction for display (I’m good at destroying them!)  So, I don’t think you’ll see my name next to a © symbol anytime soon. But many of  you do. Many of you, creative and clever people have created lots of things. A friend of mine has written 2 books and my brother in law has written few songs on refugees. My mother in law knows Leigh Hobbs personally (the author of Old Tom © ), (maybe because they were both from Williamstown), and that is how not-so-close I come to the world of COPYRIGHT. Very remote.


But Social Media is too much part of us now. (To my displeasure! )

Here, I’ll try to look at copyright issue and social Media. To me, there should be some kind of ownership with the works we do, write, pose, joke about, collect and show off provided that it originated from us of course. Claiming ownership something which belongs to someone else is plain wrong in my book. Not dissimilar to stealing. Well, this is a sample of simple talk I derive from my conversation with my kids regarding C circle. If a piece, an art or something, is not yours, acknowledge it and if you need to borrow it then do so with grace and most importantly tell people who it belongs to. But of course, Copyright law is more than just what my kids and I understand and talk about. But it’s a start.  My kids and I write something laughable, take silly snaps, whistle daft tunes, and my little one comes up with something genuinely hilarious with her ukulele. But if we were to post them on Facebook, they’re no longer ours, right? No! What, again?!

I know, I know. It’s not as simple as mine is mine and yours is yours. Lots of unclear stuff with this C circle and my area of expertise on this issue is next to the size of a peanut. So, we give it to the expert to explain. When I found out that Facebook owns the stuff I put in there I immediately put a break on what i posted and since then I have been trying to delete or remove anything I post online. It’s a slow process for me as slug on this platform of Social Media. Not easy, you know it well. So, let the clever people explain. I’ve put some not so bad articles in this page. Hopefully it has some benefits. As for me, I’ve got to carry my sluggish house on my back and slowly trace more ‘spiders’ on Social Media and the Web.

Margie Anderson suggested us to have a look at how La Trobe University explains the C circle and Social Media. The simple ways it is presented made it easy for my low intellectual mind to digest. It is very useful. So, here’s the snip of it: copyright when we use Social Media, Websites and Blogs.



Here is some more copyright issues for social Media from Legal zoom

https://www.legalzoCopyright and Social



And this one below is from the US. It put my simple minded head to a spin . I know it’s something to do with ‘intellectual property’. So it’s safe to say that I’m out. My intellectual property might no fly far from our round dinner table. Yes, it has very small dimension. But the following article has few things to say on the Fair Use, Licenses and other Issues.