Books parks grass and all


It’s not winter yet but it’s chilly. It’s mid may and I just got thrown out of my library. I should complain. Hey, isn’t it a trend these days to open the libraries longer? Which library you asked? Newport library. The very pretty thing. It’s newly renovated. Waaay better than the really really crampy old one. I really like it. It’s neat. Not to big. Actually, it’s tiny but enough for my needs. Problem was, it’s only open till 1pm on Saturday. Booo! I heard you.

Anyway, stop being a grumpy bump. I’m still using its wifi out here in the park just outside it. That’s cool, right? This little library extends its service outside in the garden. Now I wont complain. Why should I? Screeching kids run around like mad, teenagers hanging out and parents with prams strolling. Throw in some gent who just passed me with a cool singing voice. See, plenty of entertainments. ┬áNo more complain. This small library is cool enough. But that’s another story. I’ve got a report to finish for Margie.

Same day, different library. Cool, I know. This is what happens when you don’t just visit libraries because you have but, in my case, I like to. I’ll tell you later which library this one is.