Little things about not so little me.

I am not a big fan of social media but I like technology and the science behind it. Books and libraries, history (the horrible and the not so horrible) and historical fictions (can we tell the difference?), tech and science are the things that will keep me amuse. I do take a peek at politics sometimes, for amusement’s sake. The polies are funnier than comedians, you know and they act much better than actors and actress.

Besides, you can’t separate them. No way.  So I like having fun with them.  This kind of rostrum will keep my curiosity going. Plus, if my brain only works within its 10 percent mark, that’s cool enough. But again, that 10 percent bit is, you guessed it, a myth!

Books are cool. No doubt. The good old wholesome books, that is. I’ve been given Kindle, ebooks and few stuff to read online or offline, but the ones with papers I can touch and smell are the ones I prefer most. So I plan to talk about books, libraries, Dr Who (yes! I mean, no ! I can’t leave him out! ) and few other tantalizing ideas relating to books, awful techs, failed science and dream libraries. Why not.

Libraries are important, to me. When I travel to new places the first thing I check out is the local libraries, museums and galleries. You can tell a lot about the place and its people by visiting its local library. Beside, who is it again who says you can tell the civilisation of the place by looking at the libraries? That’s your homework. So, I plan to collect libraries in this blog. See how we go!

I have done teaching. Kinder garden was my favourite but hardest place. Kids are so intelligent than adults and they are rarely bias and prejudice, unless you give them less lollies than you promise them. I have taught Uni students, adults, high andprimary schoolies, and those in between. Still, no one can beat the imaginations of the Kindergarten-ers. Its simple.  The garden is the school. All make sense. When I open my own schools I’ll call them just that Studentengarten-ners. We perform better in gardens. All makes sense. Just does. Just does.

Why did I choose Five is a good number for this site? Simple. It was a stab. I just picked a number. Five came up first.


more later.


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