In the world of Neologism, your imagination should go wild. Really. But more on this, later.

Sheakspear’s contribution to the richness of English words is well established. More on this later, too.

My daughter are turned 10 and 7 while my father-in-law hit 73 this year. My mother-in-law who always connects numerals to just about anything (Yes, she has an attraction to Numerology. She can’t help it) decided to get three seven candles and two 3’s. You do the calculation. The whole dinner conversation was dominated by ‘numericalogy’ this evening. My youngest turned 7 at the end of July followed by her Pa’s the next day then her big sister 8 days after. The house is filled with counting sevens and threes.

It is probably a good idea. Counting sevens and threes, that is. Many of you treat maths like a second language but I was a late learner in this worlds of numbers. When I was 6 I only started to learn additions and, like me back then, my youngest is only getting a grip of additions. Below two digits is fine with her but not more. That’s where my (to be) 10 yo came in handy. As the  mathematician in the family, it’s a breeze for her to help her little sister understand what my mother-in-law did with the candles and why.

However, that’s not the reason why I wanted to write this.

Alzheimer. Yes,  Alzheimer, with all the variants of it.

It’s the very thing that robs my father-in-law.

He was a teacher at a technical school or college in Melbourne’s West before retiring and decided to spend more time fixing and fiddling with boats, yachts and all. He loved the sea. He loved sailing and stuff to do with Seaman. He used to lecture me on navigation. For hours.  So as not to be rude, I’d seat and listen. Little did I know that I actually learned some stuff. Well, not that I can sail or anything but at least, my kids got to join the Tackers in Williamstown and St Leonards. Little sailers they are.

My father-in-law was also good at words. A friend from Indonesia used to live with us during her time doing Masters at Melbourne Uni. She was studying Urban Planning but since she was an architect herself, the course was a pretty much HD all the way. But, her fascination was not really in her course (it was probably too easy for her!). Rather, she was fascinated by my father-in-law’s wits and creativity in Neologism. He invented words. A lot of words. My friend even had a little notebook on it. Visiting my in-laws back then was always a delight to her. She learned quite a few new vocabularies from my father-in-law and her lecturer used to be pleasantly surprised by her neologism.

I’ll list some words I learned from my father-in-law in a minute but what I wanted to write more is about the sad fact that Alzheimer has stolen so much of it, so much of a lot of things. And you know what that means. Her frontal lobe has mix wiring going on. He forgets our names, but that’s not all. He’s starting to forget his wife’s name. Now, that’s sad. Maybe not sad for him since he simply can’t remember things, but even sadder for his wife. She’s been loosing her marbles. She’s getting, what I would say, depressed. Actually, it’s a little worse than that. More on this later. For now, I need to jump in the shower. My brain needs it.


Author: mary zuchrah Idris

Books, gardens, journal writing, libraries, science, history, tech and my kids keep my brain ticking, my toes wriggling and my heart drumming. You'll discover why when you visit my site. I passed through lots of hurdles. I fall, I cringe, maybe cry a bit, then I get up, wipe my knees (my tears included!) then keep on walking . Going forward is the only option, until the Tardis catches up with me.

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