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I have helped few people editing their books, thesis, essays and my favorite writing genres are little kiddies. Imaginations, imaginations are simply the key to be creative. My kids are living proofs. I need to go through my piles of papers and drawings on the dining table and kitchen bench first before I transport them here. So, for now, here’s one example of a book a dear friend, Tengku Halimah Salim, asked me to chip in with ideas. Memoirs of Turtle Land. It depicts the fast changing natural landscapes of Trengganu. The controversy over the cover picture puzzled me a bit. (Malaysia’s censorship policy can get rather over the edge, sometimes. I might get a fine to say this. Will I?) Turtles are diminishing. There are rare commodity now (Thank GOD!!!) and almost nowhere to be found. So we do need to encourage the new breeding colonies. Don’t you think cover image translate this wish?


Memories of Turtle Land

Here’s a kinda book review:

Here’s the royal launch:

And here’s the ad if you decide to buy it. I can assure that I don’t get percentage of this but maybe I get a shout for a cuppa from Tengku Halima:

Book Clubbers


Author: mary zuchrah Idris

Books, gardens, journal writing, libraries, science, history, tech and my kids keep my brain ticking, my toes wriggling and my heart drumming. You'll discover why when you visit my site. I passed through lots of hurdles. I fall, I cringe, maybe cry a bit, then I get up, wipe my knees (my tears included!) then keep on walking . Going forward is the only option, until the Tardis catches up with me.

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