Now that you’ve landed here, you might as well read on…

This is my very first post. My lack of time and interest in Social Media with its fast moving trends, I missed lots of bandwagons . So you may say that Margie Anderson, our lecturer at Victoria Uni was to blame for the creation of this blog and since I’ve landed here, I might as well write on.

It was not easy at first to write some stuff which others can view. Sharing my views was not in my repertoire and was not good at it. But one has to start somewhere. It took a while to decide what topics of interests I should be embarked on so why not stick to the subjects I like: Books, gardens, kids, teenagers, libraries, travel and libraries. Libraries fascinate me and I have been to every continents but one. But that’s later.


Author: mary zuchrah Idris

Books, gardens, journal writing, libraries, science, history, tech and my kids keep my brain ticking, my toes wriggling and my heart drumming. You'll discover why when you visit my site. I passed through lots of hurdles. I fall, I cringe, maybe cry a bit, then I get up, wipe my knees (my tears included!) then keep on walking . Going forward is the only option, until the Tardis catches up with me.

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